Here Are 6 Top Tips For The Smash Game Hit Cult Of The Lamb

cult of the lamb
Cult of the Lamb is a single-player roguelite game that has skyrocketed to 1 million players in its first week of release. Some are saying it belongs on the short list for GOTY along with another recent smash hit, Stray. Those who have already played the game will tell you that there are things they wish they knew before starting out on their journey to build their cult. So, we decided to give anyone who has yet to play the game six tips to get started.

An easy mistake to make in this game is to spend too much time either building and maintaining your village and followers or leaving all that behind to battle for ultimate supremacy and picking up new followers and resources along the way. You are going to want to do your best to divide your time equally between the two. As you can imagine, spending too much time in either is going to have a negative impact on your overall success. Too much time managing your flock will keep your flock from growing and make it harder for the cult to flourish, and too much time spent on the dungeon crawler aspect will have ramifications on your follower's faith and overall health.

village cult
One of the first things you are going to want to focus on when beginning to build your village is creating a farm. Once you begin to grow your flock of faithful, they are going to need to be fed. By developing your farm early on in the game, you can be sure to have enough food for all of them. While you can feed them grass each day, they do eventually grow weary of it and begin to lose faith in you as a leader. You will start out with a farming station, which gives you plots to plant your seeds. Then you will want to procure a scarecrow to scare off the numerous birds trying to nab those seeds before they have a chance to even grow. After that, building a seed silo to store your seeds and a fertilizer silo to put all the poop from your followers will greatly enhance your farm.

temple cult
If you are a Twitch streamer and playing the game, you will want to make sure to add the extension that allows viewers to participate. Right now, this is limited to viewers with the chance to win a raffle and become part of the cult. If you decide to opt-in to the extension, be sure to tell your viewers how to enable it themselves, so they can become one of your faithful. If chosen, they are given the ability to design how their NPC looks as well.

As your cult grows, you may wonder how you are going to maintain a large group of followers. However, this is something the game devs thought of ahead of time and followers are continuously needing to be replaced. Whether it be through old age, or perhaps a sacrifice, followers will eventually die. If one dies that you had a soft spot for, you can use a necromancing ability and bring them back to life. This will come in handy if you are a streamer and a viewer / follower dies and gets upset about it.

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Finally, once you complete unlocking all of your combat powers and buildings, it may not seem like there is much left to do. But the game devs have said they are working on "free major content updates" and that there is "so much room for this Cult to grow!" This makes it seem as though they have big plans for adding a lot more for players to do in-game. So, if you have found yourself with little else to do other than maintaining your village and followers, be patient. In time you should have more content to enjoy in Cult of the Lamb.