4G LTE Pricing Available for New Apple iPad

It’s the morning after throngs of people pre-ordered Apple’s new third-generation iPad (some models are apparently already temporarily sold out), and for those who made the purchase in a euphoric swoon, the dopamine fog is lifting and the reality is setting in that there’s a price tag for that blazing fast 4G LTE.

In the U.S., the cheapest plan is 250MB per month from AT&T for $14.99; Verizon’s least expensive plan is $20 per month for 1GB. On the high end, $50 per month gets you 5GB with either carrier.

The good news is that you don’t need a contract to get the service, and you can sign up (or upgrade or cancel service) right from the device without having to go into a carrier’s store and standing in line like a chump.

The bad news is that you can spend $600 a year on the premium service plan.