Rule 18: Limber Up, Omni VR Gaming Treadmill Up for Preorder at $499

Gaming is climbing to new heights thanks to emerging virtual reality technology, and a virtual reality treadmill is now up for preorder. The Virtuix Omni’s Kickstarter campaign has ended, and Virtuix achieved its goal of over $1.1 million (via 3,000 backers).

Virtuix Omni

For $499, you can order an Omni National Motion Interface treadmill (not counting shipping) that comes with a pair of special shoes, a belt, and the necessary hardware and software for tracking. If the whole family wants in on the action, $1,019 gets you the Omni Duel Package that includes two treadmills with all the aforementioned extras (but three pairs of shoes instead of one).

Limber up, baby (Credit: Zombieland Rules)

The Omni will ship in March 2014, so even those jumping in feet first and preordering have a long wait. If the Omni is as fun as it looks, especially when paired with an Oculus Rift headset, it’s probably well worth it.

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