$350 To Get Flashed? Where Can We Sign Up?

Here's some good news for laptop users and/or anyone willing to mount laptop drives in their desktops: SanDisk's 32GB 2.5" is not going to ship at $500 per drive as earlier reports suggested. How much would you pay? $600? $700? $1000!?! No way! SanDisk is saying the drives will only cost $350. Sure the drive is a little short in the capacity arena but so was the original Raptor. Putting a few of these bad boys in Raid 0 might be a lot safer than traditional drives because of their lack of moving parts, just don't salivate on the drives.

"The 32GB, 2.5-inch SanDisk SSD is available now to computer manufacturers, with initial pricing of $350 for large volume orders. SanDisk SSDs will be demonstrated at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany, from March 15 to 21, 2007, in Hall 23, Stand B28, and will be featured on March 16 during the PressExpoUSA @ CeBIT 2007 event."


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