2K Games' Twitter And Facebook Accounts Were Hacked And It’s Ugly

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In this day and age, online account security is constantly under attack by nefarious parties that are looking to settle scores, makes a few bucks, or simply trying to make a name for themselves. 2K Games found this out the hard way last night after a number of its social media accounts were hacked in a massive security breach for the game publisher.

Not only was the company's Facebook account compromised, but its Twitter profile was also taken over by foul-mouthed pranksters. One social media account being compromised is bad enough, but this was a coordinated attack across multiple mediums, which is much more troubling security problem for 2K Games.

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Messages posted to Facebook and Twitter consisted primarily of inflammatory and racist messages across numerous 2K Games properties, including the publisher’s primary Facebook page, and pages for Borderlands and WWE 2K. There were even posts referring to the size of one's... well, "member". Needless to say, it's a rather childish prank, and one that is at face value embarrassing for 2K Games.

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The perpetrators gave a shout out to the Chuckling Squad, which previously claimed responsibility for hacking Jack Dorsey's Twitter account. We have no idea if Chuckling Squad is truly responsible for these hacks, or if it's just another party looking to have some fun at the group's expensive.

As of this writing, 2K Games appears to have gotten its social media accounts back under its own control. At the very least, we hope that the company's social media account managers have switched to more secure passwords and enabled two-factor authentication.

(Screenshots courtesy Chris Suapaia)