2.5 Geeks: Deciphering RTX 30 Laptops, Alienware m15 R4, Ryzen 5000 Optimization And More

hero geeks Ryzen Geforce podcast
In this episode of Two And A Half Geeks we'll discuss the dizzying array of GeForce RTX 30 laptop GPU SKUs, how to sift through them, and our experience with the new Alienware m15 R4 with GeForce RTX 3070. We'll also share key Ryzen 5000 desktop CPU performance optimization tips and discuss AMD's new Ryzen 5000 Mobile CPU platforms as well...

Show Notes:
06:34 - AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Explored: The Future Of Zen 3 Laptops
17:47 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop Performance: What To Expect
27:31 - Alienware m15 R4 Review: A GeForce RTX 30 Series Invasion
33:12 - NVIDIA's Dizzying Array Of GeForce RTX 30 Mobile GPU Configs Detailed By ASUS
46:08 - Maximizing Ryzen 5000 Performance With AMD Curve Optimizer