$20 AT&T "Naked DSL" Arrives

What's "Naked DSL?" It's DSL you can get without having to have phone service as well. With more people going totally wireless phone-wise, it's a "tier" people want.

A year after agreeing to offer a no-strings DSL deal as a part of its acquisition of BellSouth, AT&T has started selling high-speed Internet service without requiring consumers to buy regular telephone service.

The San Antonio-based company added the DSL Lite option to its Web site Dec. 20. The new offering, priced at $19.95 monthly, allows consumers to connect to the Internet without having to also pay for a landline, as had been required.

Talk about sneaking it into action, however.  It's not easy to find either; you'd be better off calling about it if you want it.  Additionally, despite the AJC story, we could not find it without a one-year contract.

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