1TB PlayStation 4 Gains FCC Certification Ahead Of Sony’s E3 Keynote

It appears as though Sony is getting ready to launch a pair of revised PlayStation 4 consoles, one of which will come with twice the amount of storage of current PS4 consoles. A filing with the Federal Communications Commission spills the beans on Sony's plans, though outside of the storage bump and some weight discrepancies, details are pretty sparse.

There are two models listed in the certification documents on the FCC's website -- one is listed as CUH-1215A and the other is CUH-1215B. There's also a testing kit listed in the same document,, with model number DUH-T1200AA.


The only difference we can spot between the two console models listed about is the storage capacity. Like existing PS4 consoles on the market, the CUH-1215A sports a 500GB hard disk drive, but the CUH-1215B takes things to new heights with a 1TB HDD.

A storage bump will be most welcome by PS4 gamers. It's not all that difficult to fill a 500GB hard drive, not when a single game can take up to 30GB to 40GB (or more) of storage space. What isn't know is if the 1TB model will cost more than existing 500GB models, or if the 500GB model will see the price drop.

PlayStation 4

Other than storage capacity, the new models are lighter than existing units at 2.5Kg versus 2.8Kg, and consume less power at 230W versus 250W. For any other changes, we'll have to wait for word from Sony, which could come during its E3 keynote a couple weeks from now.