1GB Lexar SD Memory, Aerocool HT-101JR, BFG 6600 GT Line-Up

This morning we have news ranging from an aftermarket cooler from Aerocool, to 1GB of SD Memory goodness.  Most interesting is the BFGTech 6600 GT OC review that covers all flavors, including AGP, PCI-Express and SLI.

Aerocool HT-101JR @ Overclockers Online:

"With hotter and hotter chips becoming the reality, larger and more expensive coolWith hotter and hotter chips becoming the reality, larger and more expensive cooling measures are becoming common. Engineers have the difficult task of finding the right balance of cost, size, and noise in order to deliver cooling performance. Too much of any one factor may be bad and be the cause for failure. On top of these factors, there are also extras that we look for such as compatibility, ease of install, and sometimes even aesthetics.

1GB Lexar High-Speed 32X SD Memory Card Review @ The Tech Zone:

"If you recently purchased a digital camera, chances are the memory card that came with the digicam was of low capacity, perhaps 16 or 32 megabytes.  You will no doubt discover this is simply not enough memory to do any serious shooting. With many of the compact, point-and-shoot digital camerasrated at resolutions of 4 or 5 megapixels, the highest quality settings will quickly consume that memory and store only a handful of pictures. Without a doubt, the first accessory you should buy for your new camera is a higher capacity memory card."

BFGTech 6600 GT OC AGP & PCI-E SLI @ HardOCP:

"Most enticing is the fact that there is actually an AGP version of this card. NVIDIA has heard the cries of AGP users; their HSI bridging chip allows them offer up an AGP solution from a PCI-Express GPU. BFGTech has taken those components and put together an AGP video card that not only performs faster than other 6600 GT video cards out of the gate, but also overclocks very well."

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