Zune Software 4.7 Brings Support For Windows Phone 7

Microsoft's Zune platform has been fading from view in most accounts. Apple is still marketing their iPod family heavily, but Microsoft has seemingly given up on pushing the Zune line of music players. Just like everyone else. It has proven extremely tough to even compete with Apple at all in the music business, and even Microsoft has all but conceded. But that doesn't mean that Microsoft is giving up support of those who still believe in Zune.

Along with the Windows Phone 7 launch this week, Microsoft also released Zune Software version 4.7, which adds support for the new mobile operating system. Zune Marketplace version 4.7 media player and synchronization software (v4.7) is now available, which will allow any future Windows Phone 7 handset that you purchase to sync with this PC software. WP7 has the entire "Zune Experience" onboard, including the Music+Video hub and he ability to stream millions of songs wirelessly with a Zune Pass subscription in the US, UK, France, Italy and Spain.

In addition, the Zune software will serve as the Windows-based PC sync client for the handsets allowing a user to manage and transfer their media between PCs and Windows Phone 7 handsets. There are also a number of exclusive extras, including:

• First Connect: provides a simple out-of-the box experience for Windows Phone 7 customers with automatic updates to Zune content upon initial connection
• HD Streaming Video: enables instant-on HD video streaming available on your Windows-based PC for many rented and purchased videos
• Photo Sync: allows a smoother process for transferring photos from a Windows Phone to your Windows-based PC
• Sync Media: lets users purchase music and videos through Windows Phone 7 and sync content with their Windows-based PC
• Parental Controls & Rating on Videos: gives parents more control of available content streamed or downloaded to a phone

Additionally, customers in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will also be able to use the Zune software to access the Zune Marketplace – a one stop shop for music, videos and more. Customers in the UK, France, Italy and Spain will also be able to subscribe to Zune Pass for £8.99/9.99 to get unlimited downloads and streaming access to the Zune music catalogue using the Zune PC software.