Zuckerberg Still Orders Company Lockdowns At Facebook To Keep Employees On Task

If you're looking for the world's best boss, he may be at Facebook. But, of course, that all depends on your definition of "best." In Facebook's early days, when competition was fierce and Facebook was still proving itself, Mark Zuckerberg would occasionally order a "lockdown." As you may imagine, such a thing was called for when a huge issue popped up, and he simply couldn't stomach leaving the house until it was addressed.

At a recent event in California, Mark actually confessed that "lockdown" still exists today, even after the company went public. He confessed that things are a bit different now. Before, Facebook's entire staff could fit into a single houeshold. Now, many offices are required, and there's obviously a lot more government oversight. He admitted that he couldn't lock people into Facebook's offices, but said that he comes "as close to that as [he] can legally get." Naturally, those in the crowd seemed to be fairly amused.

Mark's obviously a pretty tough boss, but a driven one. He seems to push his employees not because he's uninterested in doing certain things himself, but because he truly wants the best for everyone, and he wants to squeeze the very best out of everyone. It's not a low-key work environment, but judging by just how many people have flocked to work there, he seems to be doing something right.