ZTE's Grand S II Could Become First Smartphone to Sport 4GB of RAM

The past year has seen a number of high-end smartphones launch with 2GB of RAM, and with 64-bit SoCs to make a big splash in the future, it's sure to become a lot more common - even trickling down to lower-end models at some point. Of course, as is the way with technology, 2GB of RAM is going to feel small in the future, and to help kick-start that feeling is Chinese phone maker ZTE.

It's being rumored that ZTE's next flagship, a revision of the recently-released Grand S II, will feature 4GB of RAM. Being that the Snapdragon 800/801 SoC used is 32-bit in design, 4GB of RAM is the effective cap; to go higher, vendors will need to adopt 64-bit chips, such as the upcoming Snapdragon 610 or 615.

While 4GB is a nice number to see on a phone - at least when talking memory, and not storage - it's not going to be a feature that a lot of people are going to need. Essentially, if you do a lot of multi-tasking while on the go, and especially dabble with office or image work, you could potentially experience some performance benefits. In time, some games could also make use of the extra RAM to help deliver even better gameplay experiences.

If a smartphone sporting 4GB of RAM were available now, and you happened to need a new high-end phone, would you feel compelled to seek it out?

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