ZOTAC Teases Refreshed ZBOX, GeForce GTX 970 AMP! 'Extreme Core' Ahead Of CES

ZOTAC has a number of new products it's anxious to show off at next week's CES, with its ZBOX series getting quite a big share of the love. Of course, it wouldn't be a ZOTAC showing without some graphics cards on hand, so those can be expected as well.

The product that stands out most to me is the refreshed ZBOX E-series, as these little router-sized PCs boast some lofty features. Would you believe, for example, that NVIDIA's G-SYNC is fully supported? That's made possible with the inclusion of NVIDIA's GeForce 860M. And while G-SYNC might not matter to you too much, 4K might, and fortunately, this same PC supports that resolution no problem up to 60Hz.


Also worthy of note is the ZBOX CI321 'nano' PC, which looks to be the size of a super-thick coaster. Despite it's seriously small frame, ZOTAC packs two LAN ports into it, along with five USB (2x 3.0 at the front and back, and 1x 2.0 at the back), HDMI, DisplayPort, Wi-Fi, audio jacks, and a card reader. We're not being told yet what kind of hardware is under-the-hood, but regardless of that, this looks to be one seriously cool small offering.


Finally, ZOTAC is also touting its GeForce GTX 970 AMP! 'Extreme Core' edition, which boosts the core clock to 1228MHz, or 1380MHz with boost. Keeping this beast cool is an efficient tri-fan IceStorm cooler with an 'ExoArmor' chassis. I have to say - this has to be one of the best-looking GPUs I've ever seen. It's not blingy, but rather looks like something an exotic auto maker would come up with.

ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP Extreme

We're not entirely sure at this point if this wraps-up all that ZOTAC has show off that's new, but it sure has made a great impression so far. All three of these products are appropriately HOT.