ZOTAC Announces Super Compact ‘Mini’ And ‘AMP Edition’ GeForce GTX 1060 Cards

We reported over the weekend that a few different vendors have been teasing their upcoming GeForce GTX 1060 models, which for an unreleased card is quite interesting, but it has helped increase the momentum of NVIDIA's hype train. Now, ZOTAC has decided to get in on the action by announcing its own models that are going to cater to those with SFF builds: two ITX versions of the GeForce GTX 1060.

Unfortunately, ZOTAC hasn't been able to actually show us what its ITX models look like yet, but an example of what the company's GeForce GTX 960 ITX edition looked like last generation can be seen below.


ZOTAC is going to offer two different SKUs for its ITX GTX 1060s, which include the Mini and AMP Edition. Given the rumors we've seen up to this point, it's expected that the GTX 1060 will edge out AMD's newly-released Radeon RX 480. If true, that means that the GTX 1060 should be more than sufficient to deliver quality 1440p gameplay and extremely smooth 1080p gameplay. Not bad for a card that can fit in a small form-factor chassis!

If we had to guess, the "Mini" edition of ZOTAC's ITX GTX 1060 could look something similar to the card above, but its AMP Edition, in typical fashion, might look a little more flashy. That card in particular will ship with a factory overclock and a cooler designed to negate a temperature increase from the extra load. This card will feature dual 90mm fans, which have the ability to turn off if the load becomes modest enough.

ZOTAC says that its GTX 1060s will be "VR Ready", which can be believed since the same is promised by AMD with its RX 480. How exactly the GTX 1060 will compare to the RX 480, we can't say for sure, but with the launch right around the corner, you know you won't have to wait much longer to get that juicy information. Stay tuned!