Google Duet AI Is Now Available To Supercharge Gmail, Docs And More

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Google has announced its release of Duet AI for Google Workspace which will supercharge Gmail, Google Docs, and more. Duet AI is designed to help users focus on what really matters while it handles the rest.

Since Google's Duet AI was introduced, the company says thousands of companies and more than a million testers have used the real-time collaborator as a coach, source of inspiration, and to simply give a boost to their productivity. Google Workspace has been utilized by millions of users who rely on it to help them get things done, and now those same users will be able to take advantage of Duet AI as well.

The tech giant says to imagine a financial analyst getting an email at 5pm from their boss asking for a presentation of Q3 performance by 8am the following morning. Instead of wading through a plethora of Google Sheets, Docs, and various slides, Duet AI will soon be able to do all that heavy lifting for them by creating a "summary of Q3 performance." The powerful AI can take all of that information and turn it into a new presentation, complete with text, charts, and images, based on relevant content that already exists in Google Drive and Gmail.

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Another appeal of Duet AI is being able to make those long and tedious meetings feel less fatiguing by making meeting preparation simple. Duet AI in Google Meet will help users look and sound their best with studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound. Dynamic tiles and face detection will allow a room full of attendees to have their own video tile with their name, making it a lot easier by being able to easily identify who is speaking at any given time. If someone is speaking in a language that not everyone is familiar with, there's no problem. Duet AI will also provide automatically translated captions for 18 languages in real-time.

When a meeting is not needed, Google Chat will have a refreshed user interface, new shortcuts, and enhanced search that will allow participants to stay on top of conversations. Users will also be able to chat directly with Duet AI by asking it questions about content, get a summary of documents shared in a space, and simply catch up on all those conversations that were missed throughout a busy day.

Google is also working hard to ensure Workspace data is protected in the generative AI era. The company says users can rest assured that their interactions with Duet AI are private and that other users will not be able to see another user's data. The company also insists that Google does not use anyone's data to train its models without permission.

Anyone who would like to try Google Duet AI can do so through a no-cost trial. Simply submit a form on Google's website and see if this new AI-driven product would be of use.