AMD Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 CPUs With 3D V-Cache May Arrive Sooner Than You Think

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AMD's super CPUs with a little something extra are tantalizing treats for gamers, as the 3D V-Cache upgrade gives a titanic performance boost in games that have complex code which doesn't fit in standard CPU caches as easily. For that reason, many hardcore gamers are likely looking with lukewarm interest at the newly-unveiled Ryzen 9000 processors because they're waiting on Ryzen 9000 X3D.

The conventional wisdom is that they'll have to wait until CES, and indeed, earlier leaks said as much. However, a new rumor originating from Club386 claims that AMD could launch Zen 5-based Ryzen CPUs with 3D V-Cache much sooner than that. Here's what senior hardware editor Damien over there had to say:

Our source on the Computex show floor tells us AMD plans to launch 9000X3D processors in September. This matches the staggered release of X870E motherboards that we anticipate will arrive the same month. [...] There was a level of confidence behind our source’s words, and they’re trustworthy enough to put stock into. That said, familiarity with how nebulous AMD’s launch schedules are urges taking this with a pinch of salt. Nothing’s confirmed until you have a sample in your hand as dates can easily change.
The idea of having new CPUs to launch with new motherboards makes perfect sense, although we find it a little hard to imagine that AMD would blow a newsworthy 3D V-Cache launch on additional motherboard chipsets this way. The only reasons we could see for an early X3D arrival would be if Ryzen 9000 adoption is slower than expected due to the aforementioned DIYers waiting for V-Cache CPUs, or perhaps if a competitor steals the gaming performance crown.

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On the surface, the reasoning is pretty simple: if Intel's Arrow Lake processors are competitive enough to snatch performance leadership away from AMD, then the company can fire back with 3D V-Cache to hopefully keep command of gaming benchmarks, at least. Only, it's a bit odd, because Arrow Lake (by Intel's own admission) isn't really supposed to launch until Q4 of this year, which is obviously after that September prediction.

AMD may have reason to be concerned about Arrow Lake. Intel's next desktop CPUs will sport its most heavily-revised P-core architecture since the launch of Sunny Cove with Ice Lake. Lion Cove ditches Hyper-Threading for a 14% uplift in IPC, according to Intel's own documents, and while that's behind AMD's claimed Zen 5 gain over Zen 4, Intel was already slightly ahead in single-threaded speed to begin with.

The latest news through the grapevine suggests that AMD could be making changes to the way it implements 3D V-Cache on its CPUs. There are various theories about what that could mean, which we discussed at length in our post last Friday, so check that out if you're curious.