Yuneec Mantis Q Drone Take On DJI With 4K, Voice Control And 44mph Top Speed For $500

mantis q 1
DJI may be the king when it comes to consumer aerial drones, but Yuneec is looking to give customers plenty of bang for the buck with its all-new Mantis Q. The Mantis Q seems to hit all the right notes for a consumer drone and appears to compare favorably to the $799 DJI Mavic Air.

For starters, the Mantis Q has 4K video recording capabilities (4K30) or it can shoot 1008p video at up to 60fps. The camera features a 1/3.06-inch CMOS sensor and incorporates 3-axis stabilization. However, it appears that the camera can only tilt up (20 degrees) or down (90 degrees), putting it on par with entry-level drones like the DJI Spark

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The drone's four arms independently fold up against the body for easy transporting (as do the propellers) and it can respond to voice commands. For example, you can say "Wake Up" and the drone will power on. You can also say common commands such as "Take a picture" or "Record video". And as you might expect, you can also say "Return home" to have the Mantis Q return to its takeoff point. Like many of today's advanced drones, the Mantis Q also supports facial detection and gesture controls. The drone has the ability to recognize a face from up to 13 feet away.

mantis q controller

When it comes to performance, the roughly 1-pound Mantis Q has a top speed of 44mph and a maximum flight time of 33 minutes, which is quite good for a drone in this size class. For comparison, the Mavic Air tops out at 42mph and can stay aloft for up to 21 minutes.

The Mantis Q is available for pre-order today priced at $499.99, and will ship in September. That price will get you the drone, a remote control, a battery + charger, 2 sets of propellers and a USB cable. The Mantis Q X-Pack will set you back $649.99 and includes three batteries, a shoulder back, and a three-port battery charger.

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