DJI Mavic 2 Drone Looks Totally Awesome And Could Be 360-Degree Aware

DJI is one of the top companies in the world of personal drones for shooting video and other content. DJI also has a history of having a tough time keeping its new products under wraps. The $799 Mavic Air leaked back in January and it was officially launched not long after that slip-up. Another DJI drone has leaked and this time it is said to be the upcoming Mavic 2.

dji drone leak

The Mavic 2 designation on the drone is clear in the leaked image. You can tell from the hands near the drone that while it might be larger than the Mavic Air it still appears to be compact enough to be easily transportable. The rumors circulating with the leaked photo indicate that the camera on the Mavic 2 is modular allowing you to swap it out, which would be similar in concept to the GoPro Karma.

Other tidbits tipped in the leak hints at improved 360-degree obstacle avoidance technology, which is a big feature if you are using the drone to record video in an environment with lots of obstacles like trees overhead and brush down low. The leak comes after DJI had announced an event on July 18 presumably for a new product launch. However, that event has since been canceled.

A new date for that event hasn’t been set and word was that it was pushed back due to the tech in the drone not quite being ready for primetime. There has been no official comment from DJI on the leaked drone.

Image via DroneDJ

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