YouTube Pushing To Create Even More Original Content On The Web

Cord cutting is still pretty painful. You can get some content through Hulu Plus, a bit through Roku, and a lot via Netflix or Amazon. But live sporting events and certain dramas are still locked away in the pay-TV word, far away from those using the Internet to get their content fix. But YouTube is moving in a direction that may one day make it easier to live without those basic cable services. The company has been investing heavily in original material over the past few years, and now it looks like they're going to double down and produce even more. There's a new breed of original channels developing, and now it's coughing up the dough to create 60 more channels across the globe. Already, YouTube has around 100 of them, so it's clear they aren't planning to slow down. Are you enjoying YouTube's original content? Do you think YouTube has the ability to become the first mainstream "channel" online to challenge pay-TV? YouTube already streams major events and concerts -- it seems like just a matter of time before it's able to leverage even more high profile showings.