YouTube Pulls Down Its Shorts In Front Of Video Tab Eyeballs

youtube shorts tab
YouTube is making it easier to find a content creator's Shorts, as it gives the category its own tab. The streaming service said it was listening to viewer's feedback, and made the decision to make it easier to discover the kind of content you are most interested in.

Google's YouTube rolled its Shorts option out a little while back, in order to better compete with other social media options, such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Because the Shorts concept caught on as well as it did, creators putting out longer videos were having a hard time getting seen in searches. It caused a congestion of traffic between all the other content that creators make under the previous "Videos" tab. So, YouTube has decided to give its Shorts its own tab, making it easier to separate out while perusing a quick search.

The new option was not only about giving Shorts its own tab. The end result was having a tab for videos, livestreams, and Shorts. So, now when you want to search for a Short, you can do so without having to scroll through long-form videos, or livestreams and vice-versa.

youtube shorts live tabs

This is also a wise move on YouTube's part, since they are trying to convince live streamers that their service is better than others, such as Twitch. Discoverability is huge for live streamers. Having their streams entangled with a host of other content while viewers are trying to do a quick search for someone to watch, can be very detrimental to a small streamer's viewer count. The more YouTube can do to make a streamer discoverable, the better.

Along with being able to choose a particular tab to refine your search, YouTube will also offer filters for "Recently uploaded" and "Popular". These filters are being rolled out now, and will be "across all devices" in the coming weeks.

You should be able to choose between the three tabs now, giving you a much more refined way to search for your favorite content. If you are a content creator, your Shorts should be much easier to find now. All in all, this was a great move by YouTube, and we hope that they will continue to find ways to improve discoverability for content creators, as well as improving the overall experience for the viewers.