YouTube No Longer Accepting Submissions, Will "Pick a Winner" For Best Video Starting at Midnight

After eight years of terrible webcam singing, nut shots, illegal backyard wrestling, skateboarding accidents, adorable puppies and babies, Photoshop tutorials, and on and on (and on and on), YouTube will stop accepting video submissions and will declare a winner for best video ever.

“We started YouTube in 2005 as a contest with the simple goal to find the best video in the world. We had no idea we’d get such a great response,” said a guy in a video that YouTube made.

Judges include an appropriate diversity of seasoned film critics, YouTube celebrities, and the most prolific YouTube commenters. The group is already hard at work screening every video on YouTube. The prize for best video is totally worth it, too: an MP3 player and a $500 stipend for the winner’s next creative endeavor.

YouTube will begin announcing nominees today, and will continue to announce more every 12 hours for the next two years. This is a very thorough contest.