YouTube Nets 100 Million US Viewers, Hooray!

It's no shock to anyone even remotely up to speed on popular culture that YouTube is big. Really big, in fact. But even big can get bigger, as evidenced by a recent press release pushed out by comScore. For the first time in a single month, YouTube had over 100 million US viewers, with the online video portal securing a staggering 91 percent share of all videos watched online during the month of January 2009.

More specifically, some 14.8 billion online videos were watched by Americans, which was up 4 percent from December 2008. Potentially more baffling was this little diddy: over 147 million US Internet viewers watched an average of 101 videos per viewer in January 2009. 101 per viewer! Amazingly, comScore also found that just over three-fourths of the total US Internet audience viewed online video during that month, with the "average" viewer logging around six hours -- a figure that was up a whopping 15 versus December.

Speaking of YouTube specifically, 100.9 million viewers checked in to watch 6.3 billion videos, which calculates out to 62.6 videos per viewer. Maybe we just don't have enough free time on hands to understand how this is feasible, but that sure seems like an awful lot of video per person to us. Are you as shocked to see these numbers as we are? Are we simply missing out on all the greatness YouTube has to offer? Are we just working too long and viewing too little? Tell us the truth, we can handle it.