YouTube Kids Vaults Onto Google Play And iOS App Stores

News broke last week that YouTube was going to follow in the footsteps of Netflix and offer a family-friendly version of its streaming service for kids, and the report turned out to be true. The YouTube Kids app is now available to download from Google Play and Apple's App Store, the two most popular mobile platforms in the world.

"Today, we’re introducing the YouTube Kids app, the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind. The app makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore, and is available for free on and the in the U.S.," YouTube stated in a blog post.

YouTube Kids

The YouTube Kids app filters out content that isn't appropriate for kids, letting mom and pop rest easy knowing that little Suzie won't be traumatized by Old Gregg when she picks up the iPad. What's left is broken down into browsable channels and playlists in four categories: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore.

Alternately, little Suzie or her brother Billy can search for videos that interest them. Maybe Billy needs some help with math and looks up tutorials on the subject, while Suzie wants to see what Thomas the Tank Engine is up to. Both will be able to find what they're looking for.

YouTube baked in some basic parental controls that allow mom and pop to set a timer, adjust the sound settings, limited searches to pre-selected videos (or turn it off altogether), and to provide feedback on how to improve the experience.

No word on whether YouTube Kids will find its way to Windows Phone / Windows 10. For now, you can find it here for Android and here for iOS.