YouTube Gets Guide Update, One Step Closer To Being A TV Outlet

For the past year or so, YouTube has made a pretty concerted effort to act a lot more like a proper TV outlet, and less like an outlet for goofy cat videos. Of course, goofy cat videos will always feel at home on YouTube, but parent company Google is seriously hoping to make it more than that. This week, YouTube expanded on its Guide efforts. When you add subscriptions to your Guide, you organize YouTube around what you like, available whenever you watch YouTube. Now, the company is taking the next step by bringing your subscription-filled Guide with you across both the site and all devices.

It's a bold move, and one that makes clear that YouTube is going head-to-head with every other digital content portal on the web. Users can just subscribe to your favorite channels and the Guide lets you know when there are new videos waiting for you to enjoy, suggests the latest and greatest channels you might like, and shows you what your friends are sharing across the web. You’ll also find the Guide and your subscriptions on apps across hundreds of millions of devices including Android, iPhone, Playstation 3, Google TV and more.

It certainly sets the stage for a bolder, more populated YouTube. Who knows; maybe we're on our way to having YouTube as a cable channel. Now wouldn't that be something?
Tags:  Google, YouTube, video