YouTube Fishes Hollywood Producers For Premium Content To Fund

The world of content is a complicated one, and it isn't getting any easier for those trying to cut through the noise. Netflix realized a few years ago that streaming content owned by others probably wasn't a hugely sustainable solution, so it invested in creating its own exclusive content that would coerce folks to stay with Netflix even if a rival came along and undercut it elsewhere.

YouTube has been doing something similar for a while now, but without the same amount of luck. Going forward, it's reported that YouTube has started a new round of discussions with "Hollywood and independent producers to fund premium content," which would further its existing efforts and help to position YouTube as a premium brand. As of now, YouTube's free-for-all access has hindered its ability to be seen as a venue for high-quality, highly-funded material. People still associate YouTube with quirky cat videos and the like, but the company wants the public to come to YouTube for more serious entertainment as well.

The goal is to transform the view of YouTube into a more polished product, with executives reportedly seeking between $1 and $3 million to "produce a series of programs," and that may include marketing dollars as well. It's assumed that YouTube is interested in high-quality content that's shorter than the typical 30-minute segment found elsewhere. People generally hit YouTube for a few minutes and flee, and the company wants to cater to those short attention spans.

It's tough to imagine YouTube replacing Netflix as a content destination, but it's clear that the company hopes to change that mentality going forward.