YouTube Adds New Effects, 2D-To-3D One-Click Conversion

Leave it to Google to innovate on something that could do just fine letting its users do the innovating. YouTube has seen some fairly major upgrades this week, with additional creator tools following the post-upload edit tools from earlier. Starting this week, users should be able to add Instagram-like effects to their uploaded videos once they're on YouTube, and if you decide the chosen effect isn't exactly how you imagined, you can reverse course without any hangups.

Furthermore, the company announced that they'll allow 3D videos to be creating from 2D content. That's right. You no longer need a true 3D camera to get 3D content onto YouTube. Of course, things shot natively in 3D will naturally look better (and more realistic), but those without such a camera can upload a 2D film and let YouTube do the rest. The 2D-to-3D conversion is still in beta at this point, but it's an easy as a single click.

Finally, vlix and Magisto are now integrated right in. Vlix lets you spice up your videos by adding cool effects and text to the video intro and closing. Magisto takes your unedited video and automatically edits it into short, fun clips.

So much for spending the weekend away from YouTube, huh?
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