Your IT Dept Will Take Sept. 26th Off. Trust Me.

Halo 3 is scheduled for release on Septemeber 26th, and I can't recall a more anticipated game launch.  It's already got a million pre-orders, and Microsoft is likely figuring to get a collateral damage goose in X-box 360 sales during the holiday season. You know you're really sombody when you get placed in Madame Tussaud's wax museum. Halo's  Master Chief, all 7'-2" of him,  is now in there next to Elvis and Jack the Ripper.

The 7ft 2in wax figure weighs approximately 275lbs and was created in London using 1,000lbs of clay.

It took 10 studio artists an estimated 892 man-hours to complete, including 687 hours for sculpting, 168 hours for moulding and 37 hours for painting.

Following the release of Halo 3 on 26 September, the statue will return home to Madame Tussauds Museum in Baker Street, London.

Personnel managers should mark their calendars now. No tech support on September 26th.

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