Your New Personal Trainer: Your Cell Phone

Who would have thought of a cell phone that could double as health monitor and inspirational trainer?  Japan's NTT DoCoMo Inc., that's who.

So what all does a cell phone/fitness trainer do for you?

It's probably a shorter list of things it won't do for you:

“The sensor can tell whether you're walking, running, climbing stairs, or resting, and counts the calories accordingly to tally daily totals, Tobita said.
"It's with you wherever you go, like a portable personal trainer," he said.

Like Nike Inc.'s +Nike technology, the handset also keeps track of jogs, letting users set targets and keeping track of time, distance, and calories burnt — all while listening to music through headphones.

Hold the phone with outstretched arms, and it turns into a mini body fat calculator. A sensor at the top of the phone takes your pulse from your fingertip.”

Of course there is still the cell phones cause cancer debate with studies on both sides.  That might limit sales, but it's still a very interesting idea.