You Too Can Become A Glass Explorer At Google’s One Day Only Sale For Only $1500

If you’ve been dying to find a way in to the Google Glass Explorer program, April 15th is your lucky day. Google is opening up the Explorer program to all comers for that one day, provided you are a U.S. resident (with a shipping address) and are 18 years of age or older.

Spots are limited, although Google has not stated to what extent, but you can pick your preferred shade or frame. The “sale” opens up at 6am PDT on April 15th and will run just for the day; whether that means it will close at midnight or at 6am PDT the following day is unclear, so you should get in there early just to be safe.

Google Glass
This could be you

This marks an important point in the proliferation of Google Glass, as Google won’t be hand-picking these Explorers (as far as we can tell). It’s yet another step towards seeing Glass widely available to the general public and, hopefully, an eventual reduction in price.

Good luck to all who join; there’s been a well-documented and rather bizarre backlash against Google Glass and so-called “Glassholes”. Google is fighting against this peculiar zeitgeist, which isn’t typically a winnable strategy, but then again Glass haters are pushing back against something that seems like an inevitability.