You Might Be A Net Junky If

You might be a net junky if you kill your own mother because she won't give you money to go to a 'net bar.  Of course this boy, only identified by his rather common family name of Wang, also decided to kill his father but was unable to complete that task.  So much of Oedipus, eh?
"A teenage boy in southern China, "heavily addicted" to the Internet, killed his mother and severely injured his father with a kitchen knife after he was refused money to go to a cybercafe, state media said Thursday.

The boy, identified only by his last name, Wang, is from Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province. He stabbed his mother to death at home during a heated argument, the Beijing Youth Daily said."
The boy claimed that he felt working for his father and not attending school was stifling his potential to become an economist or politician.  Of course, murdering your own mother for a few RMB may not be the best thing to put on your application under the criminal history heading, at least not for an aspiring economist.

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Via:  ZDNet
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