You Didn't Think You Were Going To Play Tetris At Work Forever, Did You?

The Wall Street Journal has the skinny on the resurgence of "thin clients" in the workplace. And no, by "thin clients," they're not talking about being a clerk in an anorexia clinic.

A new generation of simplified devices -- most often called "thin clients" or "simple terminals" -- is gaining popularity with an increasing number of companies and other computer users in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The stripped-down machines from Wyse Technology Inc., Neoware Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and others let users perform such tasks as word processing or accessing the Internet at their desks just as they did with their personal computers. These simple terminals generally lack features such as hard drives or DVD players, so they can't run most software or store data on their own. Instead, the software applications used on a thin terminal's screen are actually running on a server, often in a separate room.

You know, the boss said that by sequestering information away from the desktops, he's safeguarding against sensitive data loss. We all know he's tired of you looking at YouTube videos all day.

Spreadsheets and e-mail and forms. Oh My!  

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