You Can Own the World's Most Expensive iPhone for $15.3 Million

There are luxury phones, like Vertu's $10,000 Android device, and then there's the world's most expensive iPhone device, an iPhone 5 reconstructed with expensive jewels and gold. The centerpiece of the lavish iPhone is a rare and flawless 26-carat black diamond inlaid where the Home button used to be. The black diamond alone is worth in the neighborhood of $14.5 million dollars, and if you want to purchase this one-of-a-kind device, it'll cost you £10,000,000 (around $15.3 million in U.S. currency).

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

A Chinese businessman commissioned Stuart Hughes to build the obscenely expensive handset. Hughes, a designer from Liverpool, is known for lavish projects, including the most valuable aquarium in the world and even a gold house that took five-and-a-half years and $12.2 billion dollars to complete.

iPhone 5 Gold

In addition to the $14.5 million black diamond, the ultra-expensive iPhone 5 boasts 600 flawless white diamonds around the edges and filling in the Apple logo. The rear section is made from solid 24-carat gold, with 135 grams of gold throughout, while the screen is made from sapphire glass.

The iPhone 5 Black Diamond is available to purchase on Stuart Hughes' website. Any takers?