Yamaha's MCR-410 Micro Stereo Uses yAired Tech For Wireless iPod Communication

To say that the iPod has revolutionized the stereo world would be understating things rather dramatically. Take Yamaha's MCR-410 for instance, which is a new micro stereo system that not only features a dock connecting port on the top, but also has the capability to connect with an iPod without cords. For all the things that the iPod is, it's not really a player to think of when you want a wireless solution. Yamaha's using its own proprietary yAired technology to change that, and the solution looks pretty darn elegant.

The MCR-410 looks somewhat vintage in its styling, but it's actually fairly well appointed. It boasts a CD player, iPod dock, FM/AM radio tuner and mini jack inputs. There's a pair of 4" speakers to pump out the jams, and the yAired tech actually supports wireless transfers from the iPod and signal sends to a wireless subwoofer. Such a high-tech device costs $399.95, but a wired-up version is available for just $279.95 if you don't mind the extra cables.


MCR-140 Utilizes Company's Proprietary yAired Technology for Uncompressed Audio Distribution from iPods With No Delay; Two Models Available in Ten Colors

BUENA PARK, Calif.––Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the innovator in home theater and digital audio and video reproduction, today introduces the "Made for iPod" MCR-140 and MCR-040 micro-component music systems. The innovative MCR-140 system features wireless iPod playback and optional wireless subwoofer compatibility via the company's proprietary yAired technology, as well as a CD player, front panel USB port, FM radio and mini jack inputs for portable audio devices. The MCR-040 is identical, minus the yAired features. Both models are currently available in ten colors (listed below).

With perfectly matched amp and speakers for high efficiency, the MCR-140 and MCR-040 deliver sound that is bigger and richer than would typically be expected from systems of this size (4 3/4" W x 4 5/8" H x 11 ¼" D). Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology (YST) delivers powerful, accurate bass response that seems to come from much larger speakers. Yamaha's exclusive Vibration Control Cabinet Structure Technology (VCCS) practically eliminates distortion-causing speaker cabinet vibration.

Both models have iPod docks built into their top panels, allowing users to take out the ear buds and share their favorite music with friends and automatically recharge the portable devices. The MCR-140 features a wireless transmitter for iPods that enables users to listen to audio remotely while maintaining direct control of the music and video content they want to access. Uncompressed audio is delivered for high fidelity playback through the system's speakers which can be placed anywhere in the room. The MCR-140 and MCR-040 also automatically power on when a connected iPod starts playback.

In addition to seamless wireless convenience, yAired technology offers key advantages over Bluetooth, including superior sound quality via uncompressed linear PCM audio transmission and no audio delay issues when watching video. The MCR-140's yAired capabilities enable the system to be paired with an optional wireless subwoofer kit (Yamaha SWK-W10) for even more robust bass response.

The high sound quality of the MCR-140 and MCR-040 is delivered by a Yamaha digital amplifier with extremely low noise distortion. Two highly responsive 4 –inch speakers provide dynamic bass response for powerful, clean sound from any music library.

Both models also offer a card-type remote control for operating the system and connected devices.

The Yamaha MCR-140 and MCR-040 are available in orange, dark blue, light blue, white, red, dark green, brown, light gray, dark gray and pink for MSRP $399.95 and $279.95, respectively.

For more information, write Yamaha Electronics Corporation, P.O. Box 6660, Buena Park, CA 90620; telephone (714) 522-9105; email infostation@yamaha.com; or visit www.yamaha.com/hometheater.