Yahoo's Buzz Sinks Digg

Yahoo! launched its Buzz Social News site in beta form in February.  It differs from other Social News sites as being invitation-only, but despite that: it's already given Digg's traffic a buzz-cut.

Yahoo Buzz had an explosive first few months, showing that it could generate 90% of the traffic that three-year old Digg could in only a matter of weeks. Furthermore, users of Buzz have been found to be more likely to comment on Buzzed stories.

The comScore report for April 2008 showed an astounding 74% month-over-month growth in unique visitors to Buzz, and a steady increase in minutes spent on the site. Also, over half the site's visitors were women, likely due to Yahoo's efforts to cater to female users with its Shine portal.

Digg's recent problems obviously haven't helped it.  It's definitely been a swift climb for Buzz, but the big question is: can it stay there?
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