Yahoo Screen App Brings More Content To Your Fingertips

While Yahoo's logo didn't draw too much (any?) applause, the company's refined mobile apps have been nearly universally praised. Now, it's branching out into yet another sector: the second screen. Yahoo Screen is a new iOS app, which Yahoo says is designed to bring a "simple, intuitive experience that turns your finger into a remote control. Just swipe through channels of content from Yahoo and our great partners then lean back and watch…no matter where you are."

You'll be able to browse through trending clips, search for shows, or jump right in and start watching. Swiping left and right skips between episodes and swiping up and down flips through channels. Yahoo has also landed a deal with Viacom, which will enable Comedy Central shows to appear right away, alongside clips of Saturday Night Live.

It's just the latest effort going in the cord-cutting regime, and we suspect there will be much to come following this. Yahoo's spreading its wings in a major way; no one saw it playing a big role in the streaming game just a few years ago, but this app definitely has the potential to become a portal that those without pay-TV check in on often.