Yahoo Mail Celebrates 16th Birthday with Cross Platform Themes, 1TB of Storage

Rather than receiving keys to a new car for its 16th birthday, Yahoo Mail is celebrating its milestone by handing users the keys to a revamped email service designed to be "elegant and intuitive on desktop, iOS, and Android." Part of that entails the addition of "conversations," otherwise known as emails grouped into threads.

"We redesigned Yahoo Mail to be more efficient, too. Things you do all of the time like search, starring, and deleting are now one-click actions that appear when you hover over an email," Yahoo stated in a blog post. "We also wanted to give you more breathing room in your inbox, so you can collapse the left-hand toolbar to be more productive."

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo also decided to dole out features for freeloaders that were previously reserved for premium Mail Plus customers. These include disposable email addresses, enhanced filters, and automatic message forwarding, all of which are now available for everyone to use.

One of the biggest changes (literally) is that Yahoo Mail users now have 1TB of storage for all their emails and attachments. With that much storage space, you may never need to totally discard an email ever again.

Yahoo Mail Themes

Of course, what's a birthday without icing on the cake? In this case, the icing comes in the form of themes, including curated Flickr photos, for your browser, smartphone, and tablet. If you choose a theme in one place, it will be applied across all your devices.