Yahoo Mail Brings Back Tabs, Makes Them Smarter

Yahoo Mail users have had a rough time lately. First, Yahoo revamped its mail service back in October and removed some popular features, including tabs. More recently, a "complex" outage lasting nearly a week affected several users. The good news is things are looking up. Yahoo Mail has been fully restored, and that tab feature? It's making a comeback, baby.

In a blog post today, Yahoo said that one of the reasons it removed the feature in the first place is because users complained that the more they had open, the more difficult they were to manage. So, Yahoo nuked the functionality altogether and introduced a "Recent view" feature for hopping between emails, drafts, and search results.

Yahoo Mail Tabs

"Many of you still missed tabs. So, we're bringing back tabs, but this time, they're a bit smarter," Yahoo says. "To turn on the new Tabs, go to View, Multitasking and select Tabs. Emails you want to read, emails you are composing, Calendar and Contacts all appear as individual tabs. If you use the preview pane, double-clicking an email will open it in a tab."

What about when you have a bunch of tabs open? To make finding the one you're looking for a little bit easier, there's now a "Preview All" option. This gives you a tile-like view, allowing you to jump right into the tab you're after.

If you don't see the feature right away, don't panic. Yahoo says it will be rolling tabs out globally over the next few days.