Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Continues to Carve Up Yahoo! Offerings by 'Sharpening Focus'

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is working hard on turning around the company’s fortunes, and in order to focus better on improved products and user experiences, she’s now put several of Yahoo!’s offering on the chopping block. Some will be missed; some you have perhaps never heard of.

Upcoming, the “events & things to do” service, is getting the axe, and so is Yahoo! Kids. Yahoo! Deals is on the kill list as well. On the communication side, the company is ending Yahoo! SMS Alerts and the feature phone versions of Mail and Messenger (J2ME), which will no doubt bother the few people who still use both Yahoo! Mail and a feature phone.

Yahoo! Deals

All of the above will go dark on April 30th. On June 3rd, Yahoo! will also do away with older versions of its Yahoo! Mail service, including Yahoo! Mail Classic.

These deletions follow the company’s announcement earlier this week of a new and improved Yahoo! Mail apps for iPads and Android tablets as well as a new weather app for iOS.