Yahoo Axis Reimagines The Browsing Experience

It's been a strange month, maybe even year, for Yahoo. But with the CEO runaround and the Alibaba stock deal out of the way (for now), it's time to get down to business. Browser business. With Google seeing monumental success with Chrome, and even Apple to some extent with Safari, it's Yahoo's turn to give it a whirl. Yahoo Axis is the new product, a "new experience that re-imagines how people search and browse on the web." That's Yahoo talking there, but what the new product does indeed give is a whole new look at search. It promotes visual interactions, and it keeps you grounded on a single landing strip. It integrates with existing browsers, and can also be tapped on iOS devices. If you're on a PC, there's a desktop plug-in for HTML5-enabled browsers.

Visual previews are here, and on iOS, it allows people to swipe to the next result. It's also built to translate across platforms, and yes, plenty of social sharing is baked in. After signing in with Yahoo!, Google or Facebook credentials, Axis centralizes online lives with a customizable Home Page that provides direct access to their favorite sites, saved articles and bookmarks across all devices where Axis has been downloaded. On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Axis serves as a standalone mobile browser app. On the desktop, Axis is a browser plug-in that works with Firefox 7+, Safari v5+, Internet Explorer 9 and all versions of Chrome. Axis is built upon the Yahoo! Cocktails mobile development platform, and it's available starting today. It's kind of jarring to see at first, but give it some time and see if it's the search you've been... searching for.