Yahoo Attempts e-mail For The Under 30 Crowd

E-mail is for the nursing home. Well, that's what anyone born when Reagan was president or later thinks. Yahoo Mail is dealing with the brave new world where the post office is a distant memory and e-mail is for "loosers" by allowing users to trade messages with mobile phone users.

The new e-mail-to-phone connection is one of the features the Internet media giant plans to add as it makes available to the more than 250 million Yahoo Mail users a new version of the world's most popular e-mail program in coming weeks.

The Yahoo Mail overhaul is part of a drive to transform its e-mail franchise into more of a social activity that blends the convenience of instant communication with the implicit network of relationships found in one's online address book.

Yahoo's late to the social networking party. They'll have to play catch-up with MySpace, Facebook and other more up to date social networking sites if they want to stay relevant and sell advertising.

kthxbye regular old e-mail.  I'll always remember you, and all the stamps I didn't have to buy.