Yahoo Acquires Astrid Task Management App

How do you make a serious splash? You either invent something amazing, or you acquire something that you believe to be amazing. Yahoo has been on a serious spending spree of late, recently picking up Summly and now plunking down for Astrid. Astrid is a fairly popular app that aims to help people become "happier, healthier and more productive."

The app maker is claiming that things will remain the same for the next 90 days, but it's unlikely that the service will remain alive beyond that. Instead, Yahoo is apt to roll its services into Yahoo mobile products. Around four million people currently use Astrid, but it's about to be introduced to even more. In a nutshell, Astrid is a task management app, so it's unclear what part of Yahoo's mobile strategy this taps into. We suspect we'll find out soon enough, though.
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