xpPhone Brings Windows XP To The Smartphone For Under $650

We've witnessed a stripped down version of OS X on a phone (thanks to the iPhone), and we've seen various editions of Linux ported over to the mobile side (Maemo, for instance), but a phone with Windows on it? Consider it a done deal. ITG has just announced new images and a final price point for a phone that has lived in vaporware status until now.

The phone looks an awful lot like a MID, with a widescreen display, a sliding QWERTY keyboard and Windows XP onboard. Yes, that Windows XP. It's sort of crazy to think that the operating system that was being loaded onto pretty much every netbook ever made early last year has now been shoved onto a phone, but evidently this one has the under-the-hood horsepower to handle such demands.

ITG is marketing the xpPhone has a pocketable, all-in-one PC. With GPS, a real-deal OS and a legitimate keyboard, it's easy to understand why. Users can actually install full-fledged Windows applications on this phone, such as the full version of Skype, and even Minesweeper! All jokes aside, the only thing left here is a release date, but the $400 to $650 price (depending on options) is probably enough to scare most folks away. But just remember--most modern day smartphones run upwards of $500 when you're talking non-contract prices, so these numbers really aren't all that incredible.