X-Micro Mini DisGo, DFI RDX200, and more!

Hey all, the weekend news has been rolling in, and it's time to unload a few articles. Enjoy!

Cooler Master Praetorian 730 case review @ Xtreme Resources

"Cooler Master has introduced the 730 series of aluminum alloy cases into the marketplace for enthusiasts. As the successor to the successful Wave Master case design, an improved air flow design implemented the use of 2 vertically stacked 80mm exhaust fans just underneath the power supply. Cooler Master used a very thick curved door o­n the front of this stylishly designed case, which hides four 5.25 inch drive bays, with two external 3.25 inch bays, and 4 internal 3.25 inch bays just below."

Soyo BayOne Extreme 9-in-1 card reader/writer combo @ Hardware-Review.net

"Modern PC enclosure manufacturers have made it a standard practice to put audio/microphone jacks and USB 2.0/Firewire ports on the front panel of their cases. But, for some people with older models or lower-end cases, these features are non-existent. To give people the option to have these features, as well as a detachable 9-in-1 card reader, Soyo developed the BayOne Extreme 9-in-1 card reader/writer combo, which is the subject of our review today."

DFI RDX200 Review @ t-break

"A couple of things that we specifically wanted to test was 1T mode with four memory modules and CAS 1.5 settings however, neither of this worked with our testing. We used Corsair modules and any two of the four we chose worked without any problems at 1T with two modules inserted, but with all four modules, this was a no go even with additional voltage."

X-Micro Mini DisGo @ Techniz

"The Mini DisGo sports an aluminum case with lots of advantages. It was specially design for portability, performance and reliability for storage and even backup purposes. The X-Micro Mini DisGo high speed and high capacity drives are ideal for any storage need, including digital music, movies and photographs."

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