XFX GeForce 7950 GT 570M Extreme

Hello Everyone. We've just finished putting NVIDIA's new $299 GeForce 7950 GT through the wringer, and have a fresh article on-line for your perusal. The card we looked at wasn't a vanilla reference card, however. Instead, XFX sent over a retail-ready GeForce 7950 GT 570M Extreme, complete with a dead-silent, passive cooler. And to top it off, the card is HDCP-ready and pre-overclocked from the factory as well for a bit of a performance boost. Here's a snip...

"The GeForce 7950 GT we'll be evaluating today comes by way of XFX. In typical XFX fashion, the company has mutliple GeForce 7950 GT offerings in their product stack, the $299 PV-T71J-YHF9, which is clocked at NVIDIA's reference specifications of 550MHz / 1.4GHz, and the $329 PV-T71J-YHE9 which is not only clocked a bit higher at 570MHz / 1.46GHZ, but also sports a silent, passive cooling solution."

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There are plenty of other GeForce 7950 GT reviews on line today as well.  Here's a list that'll we'll update throughout the day:


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