Xbox Series X Dressed In White Flaunts Disc-Less Design For Cameo Shots

Xbox white leak
Microsoft's Xbox product line is going through some changes, with the company's newfound desire to port previously exclusive titles to PlayStation. Regardless, anyone who sticks to playing Xbox games on the Xbox may soon have a new option as well. A series of leaked images purport to show Microsoft's unannounced white Xbox Series X. Unlike the current Series X, this one doesn't have a disc drive.

The leaked images are pixelated and low-resolution, but they show a device looking very much like the current Series X. We cannot confirm the authenticity of these images—they could show a new console or simply a Series X that was painted white.

The leaked console is allegedly a mix of old and new. The white finish appears to be identical to the "robot white" used on the current Xbox Series S console, which sells for $299. The shape appears identical to the Xbox Series X, save for the lack of a disc drive. The original report from Exputer claims that Microsoft will upgrade a few internal components for this refresh, including but not limited to the internal heatsink.

The all-digital Series X does not come completely out of left field. Numerous documents came to light during Microsoft's lengthy campaign to acquire Activision Blizzard. One of them showed a revamped discless Series X console code named "Brooklin." It promised a USB-C port on the front, 2TB of storage, and a new rounded design. It actually looked rather like the 2013 "Trashcan" Mac Pro. Xbox head Phil Spencer said at the time that a lot had changed with the Xbox refresh, and if the new leak is accurate, he wasn't just deflecting to downplay a leak.

xbox brooklin
Spencer claims a lot has changed since the "Brooklin" Xbox leaked.

That earlier leak called for the all-digital console to sell for the same $499 as the current Series X. However, those plans probably come from a time when Microsoft believed it could catch up to Sony this generation. However, the sales gap has only widened over the past year. Sony has moved more than 50 million PlayStation 5 consoles, but Microsoft has managed barely half of that. Exputer claims that Microsoft will sell the all-digital console for $50-100 less than its current model.