Xbox Series X With Diablo IV Bundle Is Just $349 And More Devilishly Good Gaming Deals

Xbox Series X Diablo IV bundle on a gray gradient background.
Remember when finding an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 console in stock from a first-party seller was like stumbling upon the Holy Grail? Well holy-moly, how times have changed. Graphics cards for PC gaming are plentiful again, and game console are not only routinely in stock, they’re also discounted with some sweet bundle offers. Such is the case with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

While normally priced at $499.99 (and selling for much more than that during the pandemic), you can bring home an Xbox Series X + Diablo IV bundle for a low $349 at Walmart (save $210.99). That’s an incredibe price and it may not last long. After all, you’re looking at $559.99 worth of goods with this deal.

The bundle is in stock at the time of this writing, though if it sells out, keep checking—it’s not unusual for retailers to restock these sorts of things. That’s not a guarantee, though, so if you’re on the fence, you’ll want to decide fast. There’s also an Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 bundle that was selling for the same discounted price, but it’s currently out of stock (save for an inflated price by a marketplace seller).

PlayStation 5 with Spider-Man 2 bundle

If you’re more of a PlayStation fan, you can still find the revised PlayStation 5 + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 bundle for $499 on Amazon (save $60.99). That essentially amounts to a free game (via download). Note that this is for the latest version of the PlayStation 5 console, which is unofficially referred to as the PS5 Slim.

Likewise, you can score a revised PlayStation 5 + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle for $499 at Amazon. This also amounts to a free game, and is also the latest PS5 ‘Slim’ variant. So essentially you have your choice of which game you prefer when picking up a PS5.

Here are a couple more console gaming deals…