$500 Xbox One Elite Bundle Boasts 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive And Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft just can’t get enough of releasing special edition Xbox One bundles. Today, Microsoft is unloading a new SKU that not only ups performance, but also for the first time bundles in the hot Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

The new Xbox One Elite Bundle is the absolute best that Microsoft has to offer with regards to console hardware. The most important piece to the puzzle is the 1TB Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD), which replaces the traditional 1TB HDD that is found on other Xbox One bundles. According to Microsoft, the SSHD “stores frequently-accessed files on a solid state partition and optimizes system performance so you can get to the action up to 20 percent faster from energy-saving mode.” We can’t argue against faster load and resume times, so kudos to Microsoft for offering this option.

Xbox One Elite Bundle

The second addition, as we mentioned in the opener, is the inclusion of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Microsoft first announced this controller back in June, and it features interchangeable components, a redesigned D-pad, Hair Trigger Locks and even further control customization using the Xbox Accessories app.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle will be available stating November 3rd and will be priced at $499. Interestingly, it will be available exclusively from the GameStop and Microsoft Stores. But if you’re itching to get in line, you can pre-order the bundle from either store stating today.

We should note that the $499 pricing is actually a pretty good deal when you think about it. Not only are you getting the high-performance 1TB SSHD, but the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller itself retails for $149.99. Considering the the standard 1TB Xbox One bundles costs $399, this is a pretty sweet deal for gaming fans.

XboxOne Lunar White Controller

In addition to the Xbox One Elite Bundle, Microsoft has also introduced the new Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller which features a white and gold color scheme and what is described as an “improve grip texture.” The $64.99 controller will be available starting late next month exclusively from GameStop.