Xbox Live To Get Hulu Plus Tomorrow?

Although no official announcement has been made, Joystiq is claiming that Microsoft and Hulu are preparing to launch the Hulu Plus streaming service on Xbox Live tomorrow. Based on a “legit-looking” scan of the June issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, Joystiq reports that Hulu Plus will launch on the Xbox 360 on April 29—tomorrow.

In order to take advantage of the new streaming integration, you’ll need to be a subscriber to both Hulu Plus and Xbox Live Gold. The Hulu Plus service is expected to work with Microsoft’s Kinect, letting you control the Hulu Plus interface by hand and voice commands. Using Kinect, you’ll be able to navigate through menus to find titles you’re interested in watching. You can also use the transport controls while watching a show or movie to pause, fast forward, etc. without getting up from the couch or grabbing a controller.

Hulu Plus is already available for a number of other platforms, including the PlayStation 3, Apple products, TiVo Premiere, and others. By adding Hulu Plus to the Xbox 360 platform, Microsoft is showing it is serious about making the Xbox 360 more of an overall entertainment device rather than just a gaming console. Microsoft has also hinted that we can expect to hear about additional entertainment related partnerships at E3 this June.