Xbox Live Gold Members to Receive More Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to be an Xbox Live Gold member—you can game online, get demos early, etc. Now, Microsoft is now offering yet another incentive to attract new Xbox Live Gold-level members and to keep existing members: There will be weekly sales on content for Gold members.

To kick off the promotion, Braid will be sold for 800 points, or $10. The regular price for Braid is 1,200 gamer points or $15. These deals won’t be on old content, either. Microsoft said the sales will be for the “hottest Arcade titles, Game Add-ons, Xbox Originals, and other great content."


Microsoft is certainly hyping its $49/year Gold-level membership. As the company put it: "For just over $4 a month, Xbox LIVE Gold members get full access to the best multiplayer gaming and entertainment network in the industry…. Get a sneak peek at games with the ability to play and watch tons of free demos and trailers a full week before the rest of the community. Get social with video chat, photo sharing, and messaging with friends. Every Xbox LIVE membership also includes Achievements and Gamerscore, Avatars, insider videos of the hottest gaming events, and tips for mastering your favorite games."

These new deals will add value to the subscription model and will also give gamers something new to look forward to each week.  Microsoft is obviously hoping this added benefit will result in additional Gold members. What do you think? Will these discounts sway your decision?