Xbox Live Founder Boyd Multerer Bids Microsoft Farewell

All things eventually come to an end, and for Boyd Multerer, the dude responsible for Xbox Live and creator of the XNA game development language, the ride at Microsoft is over. Voluntarily, we might add -- he wasn't shown the door or the victim of restructuring. Instead, Multerer posted to Twitter that, quite simply, it was time for him to do something new.

Most of us eventually get to that place in our careers, sometimes several times, though Multerer's resume is more impressive than most. During his time at Microsoft, which spanned nearly two decades (18 years), he not only launched Xbox Live, but more recently served as the director of development for the company's Xbox division.

Boyd Multerer

In his role, he helped design the Xbox One, Microsoft newest game console, and played a big part in the company's decision to utilize three operating systems.

His list of achievements is long, and so it's reasonable to believe he'll add to it in whatever venture he seeks out next. Speaking of which, he already has something picked out, though according to a follow up Twitter post, he's "not yet ready to say what that new thing is... But OMG is writing code every day and exploring ideas fun!"